Kimura Industry realizes any machining of complex 3D tiny shape at high speed, with high quality, and high precision. We can manufacture product which is even not produced by any manufacturer in Japan.。

We achieve machining technology beyond previous level, take, for example, machinery mold of nano precision and curved surface machining. Higher advanced machining technology requires equipment and theory beyond current level. New challenge needs to be conquered.
In order to pursue nano precision far beyond micro level, we collaborate with machinery makers, top universities, and other concerned entities. We keep moving on accomplishing new machining technology.
You may rest assured to entrust nano machining to Kimura Industry.
Competency of nano machining

―Nano fabrication Laboratory―

Both high-precision equipment and environment are essential to nano machining. Kimura Industry is equipped with professional processing machines of high precision, which is even rare among global high-tech manufacturer. However, for pursuing the highest level of accuracy around the whole world, high-performance equipment is not enough. Environment and the competency of engineer are critical.

Kimura Industry established “Nanofabrication Laboratory” at the Kyoto University. The environment prevents precision machining from any reverse influence such as vibrations, electromagnetism, and so on.
It is a common dream held by top engineers to conduct nano machining in excellent environment.

With world-class equipment, environment, and experienced professional, we have capability of developing cutting-edge technology. We sincerely invite you to visit our laboratory.