(English) Islam : day 33

Hi, it’s me again,

our trip to Nagoya was really cool, it is a very big city. The exhibition was not as big as the one we had in Kyoto, but the sales managers had the opportunity to give a presentation about their companies for the customers in a conference room. Yamada san’s presentation was amazing, he was really confident and did a great job.

After the exhibition Kimura san and Emori san invited us all for dinner in a very traditional Japanese restaurant, where you have to take off your shoes and you sit on the floor. They ordered so many different foods and I finally had the courage, thank’s to Masha I have to admit, to try some new things. I wasn’t brave enough for the fish head but still I tried raw tuna and yeah I will never do it again! The crab cream sushi were super delicious and they became officially my favorite Japanese food.

I was back home at 11 pm really tired but with a new experience in the bag. I love business trips! I mean, who doesn’t right?

But I’m also happy to be back to the office, where my lovely super cute colleague Yume san offered me these super kawaii kitkats.