(English) Islam : day 31

Hi everyone,

I had a very long weekend since this Monday was the Spring equinox, a day when the sun crosses the equator making night and day equal in length. It’s a national holiday in Japan, a day to commune with nature and to show their affection for all living things. A time when they pay their respects to ancestors, visit family grave, clean it and offer flowers and incense to console ancestral spirits like did Sasaki san that day.

I could spot the first cherry blossoms beginning to bloom and I can’t wait to see how beautiful Kyoto will get in a few days.

Mimura san found a shop selling Nutella in Japan and Yume san offered me one, they are so lovely. Kimura san brought me some italian candies and biscuits from his last business trip, it’s so nice that he always thinks about his employees, this makes me really happy.

Tomorrow we have to wake up early and hit the road to Nagoya for an exhibition. Yamada san is going to give a presentation in front of a lot of customers hopefully.

Exciting times ahead!