(English) Islam : day 68


Today I have been pretty busy with my questionnaires to fill, I received almost all the feedback that I needed, I hope that before the end of the next week I will be finished. Today is Masha’s last day of work and she’s probably saying goodbye to her colleagues right now and I guess I will be doing this as well soon. It makes me sad but I miss my family too. Tomorrow is the last they of work before the Golden week and I will have time to work on my presentation and to get some rest. 

I forgot to tell you about the Miyako odori, that I attended. The Miyako Odori is one of Japan’s best Geisha events. It features a large number of Maiko and several Geiko from the Gion district of Kyoto. I had the chance to assist a tea ceremony, with the real Matcha tea and a Japanese sweet, seated in frond of some Maiko and Geiko seated in front of the visitors. The dance was really interesting and so different from anything I have ever seen before, the music, the costumes and the perfectly synchronized dance were astounding. Too bad it was forbidden to take pictures, but the experience was really amazing and will be kept in my memory.

See you tomorrow.