(English) Islam’s first week!

What a week! I don’t even know where to start. I guess I will start from the begging.

Arrival day : My AIESEC manager and another member came to pick me up at the airport, I have to say I felt a little dizzy and disorientated after the long flight and I missed home already. Kimura san called to make sure that I arrived well and he even came to pick us up at the station, such a kind person. They showed me my apartment and helped me out with everything.

First day at work : the employees welcoming was very cute, everyone gathered at the first floor and after the morning exercises (which were so new to me, but so cool as well) they had the weekly meeting. Kimura san made sure to explain every thing to me and I enjoyed visiting the plant. I was so fascinated by the Japanese management style that I couldn’t stop taking notes. After lunch, which is offered by the company, we went to Joyofuji’s company. It is owned by Emori san, a very pleasant friend of Kimura san. We had a long chat with them and we met Masha, their lovely German intern and some other nice Joyofuji’s employees.

The rest of the week passed by very quickly. The mornings I work on the website design and translation in Italian and French and after I have lunch with my lovely colleagues Yume san, Ma i san and Sasaki san. They learn every day new English words to talk with me and I really appreciate their kindness. The other day Bala san said to me that I could come to them even for my everyday life troubles, this made me feel so blessed and made me appreciate even more these incredible people. Plus I have a new pair of cool shoes!

Today Kimura san invited me to lunch with one of his employees at the lab in Kyoto University. I deeply enjoyed the visit and their company.

I couldn’t imagine that one day i will be saying this, but I really enjoy working. This is due of course to the amazing people that surround me. I really recommend the Japanese work experience to any intern in the world, especially at Kimura’s.