(English) 24日目

On 7th Aprli, Nishimura san came to Tokyo. She would go to the exhibiton with me in the morning. We made an appointment time.  After finishing the yummy breakfast, we went to the exhibition together.

Altough Nishimura san didn’t sleep last night, she kept an invigorating condition after drinking a cup of coffee. Firstly, we visited the exhibition seperatly. And then she invited me to visit some famous companies together. I had a cheerful talk with a gentleman Japanese who worked for a Hongkong company and lived in hongkong more than 10 years, he could speak a little Cantonese.

In the afternoon, we went to the 新宿,becuase of the rainy day, I thought the inside place would be better.  We tasted some yummy Japanese food and took a lot of photos. And then we moved to Ginza where was a business center, a lot of modern shops. It seems like I was walking at 外滩 in Shanghai.

Then, we met my Chinese friend Yanni, she did an internship in a Tokyo company. Kimura san and Mori san led us to a famous sushi restaurant which I was looking forward to before, I was so exciting! During the dinner time, we had a happy talking together,  I  agreed with what did Kimura san said, it was fate that made us together. What a perfect day!