(English) Islam : day 69


The holidays are here!

Many Japanese workers get about a week off around the end of April and beginning of May. This is because there is cluster of national holidays during this time.

Many big factories close down for a week or even 10 days because it’s inefficient to keep shutting them down and starting them back up when holidays and weekends are clustered together. Although offices tend to be open on days that are not holidays, many workers use their paid vacations to take an extended break from the daily routine.

Golden Week comes at a very pleasant time of the year, temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot. Many people thus travel to resort areas. In recent years, increasing numbers have been traveling to foreign destinations with their families.

I will enjoy this holidays and I hope all my colleagues will too, I think they really deserve it since they work so much!

Happy Golden week everyone.

See you soon.