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Greetings from the president

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about our company.

Established in 1969, our company has been dedicated to producing machine parts and tools that represent the highest levels of precision and artisanship.

Critical to this direction has been our conviction that work stems from a connection to society and people. Meeting the ever-changing demands and expectations of our customers involves a commitment to advancing our own technical capacity. This starts with each worker’s determination to make something great, and ends with what we believe to be a positive contribution to society.

From here our company will continue to do its utmost to challenge conventions of quality and function. I hope to have the opportunity to introduce you to the work that we here at Kimura Industries care about so ardently.

Toshihiko Kimura, Company President

Business vision

Through technology and expertise, creating abundant value, providing high-quality products and services to customers, and contributing to society.

Growth of the company results from growth of the employees. Our goal is to become an attractive enterprise where employees work with honor under any circumstances  at any times .

Company outline

president Toshihiko Kimura
foundation April, 1969
establishment March 5, 1990
capital 20 million yen
number of employee 40
services manufacturing of precision parts and precision instruments
(quenching, surface treatment)processing of small and middle-sized articlescontinuous processing and assembling from lathe, milling, MC, NC, and cutting to grinding of inner and outer diameter and finish grinding
main bank Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank
(Nagaoka branch)
other banks Kyoto Bank (Nagaoka branch)
Kyoto Shinkin Bank (Nagaoka branch)

Company history

April, 1969 The first factory was founded at 1-47-16 Nagaoka Nagaokakyo.  It began sole proprietorship under the name of Kimura Industry.
May, 1980 It changed its organization under the name of Kimura Industry Corp.
March, 1990 It changed its organization under the name of Kimura Industry Co., Ltd.
(10 million yen for capital)
February, 2000 It built the second factory in order to extend its business.
approx. 825㎡ for site area
1-2 Baba-hitozuka Nagaokakyo

Main customer

  • Mitsubishi heavy Industries
  • Machine Tool Works
  • Murata Manufacturing (headquarters, Yasu, Yokaichi, Okayama)
  • Mitsubishi Motors (factories in Kyoto and Shiga)
  • Toray Engineering (Shiga)
  • Kyoto Seisakusho
  • Sanyu
  • Dome

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